Privacy Policy

1.Objectives for Collecting Personal Information

Taiko will collect personal information through this website in order to:
1. Accept job applications from potential employees.
2. Accept inquiries and applications regarding our services.

2.Acquisition of Personal Information

Taiko may request users to provide personal information such names, e-mails, addresses, postal codes, etc in accordance with the above objectives. While users have the right to refuse to provide said personal information, they should be aware that without this information Taiko may not be able to contact them or respond to user inquiries.

3.Handling of Personal Information (As a general rule, we will not misuse personal information)

Personal information will only be used to fulfill the objectives to which users have provided their consent. When using personal information for any other purpose, Taiko will receive prior consent from the user in question.

4.Release of Personal Information (As a general rule, Taiko will not release personal information to a third party)

As a general rule, Taiko will not release personal information to a third party. However, Taiko may release personal information when:
-Taiko has received the consent of the user in question.
-The information is presented in such a way that it can not be linked to an identifiable individual.
-The information is being provided for reasonable use to a company that has already signed a non-disclosure agreement with Taiko (ex: an outsourced subcontractor).
-The information is demanded in accordance with the law.
-In order to protect the life, health, fortune or greater interests of the individual or general public.

5.Security of Personal Information (Taiko will see to the proper management of all personal infromation)

Taiko will keep personal information up to date, and only use said information in order to achieve the objectives of use. Additionally, information security will be conducted using appropriate and reasonable technology and policies in order to prevent improper access, data leaks, data loss, defamation, etc. However, Taiko can not be held responsible for leaked personal information when:
-The data is leaked at the time that it is transmitted by the user (i.e. via e-mail, etc.)
-A user’s password/personal data is stolen from a user’s terminal of access.

6.Release, Modification and Disposal of Personal Information

When a user requests to have their personal information released, modified or deleted, Taiko will swiftly comply with the request upon confirmation of the user’s identity. To request that your personal information be released, modified, or deleted, please contact our Personal Information Liason.


Taiko will only use e-mail addresses collected from user e-mails in order to send response e-mails. Taiko will not release e-mail addresses to a third party without the consent of the user.


As is common among many websites, this website will occassionally use cookies. Cookies are a standard internet technology used to store log-in information and help users fill out common fields by suggesting previously entered data. Users are responsible for adjusting their browser settings to manage cookies in the way they believe to be appropriate.

9.Traffic Data

In order to improve the usability of our site, Taiko records information about user domains, browsers, and information relating to which parts of Taiko’s website visitors view most. However, this information is unified and integrated for the purpose of analyzing web traffic, and does not contain any personal information.

This website’s Privacy Policy may be subject to reasonable and necessary alterations due to changes in web technology. When our Privacy Policy is altered, the new policy will take effect as soon as it is uploaded to the site, except in cases in which the policy has been decided seperately.

Revised on 4/1/2012


For any inquiries regarding our Privacy Policy, please contact:

■Personal Information Liason

TAIKO Co., Ltd.
2-1-77 Sekishin, Chuo-ku,Niigata-shi, Niigata-ken 951-8141 JAPAN