About Our System

We'll deliver you exactly the amount you request, order-made every time.

Are you troubled by any of the following?Crunched for time? Not enough staff? Difficulties with flavour or cost? Then please consult us; Taiko’s primary concern is solving our customer’s problems, and we’ll do so by recommending ways to use inproved products at a more affordable price every time.
Taiko is also happy to provide order-made products. Tell us what ingredients you want us to use, how you want us to prepare the product, and how you want it delivered, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Taiko's Order-Made System

There are 3 key points to conducting business across a wide area.

3 key points

Our customers are located throughout the nation. By working to meet the needs of customers from different regions Taiko has acquired experience and developed a vast store of recipes. As a result, we are able to take regional variations into consideration, catering to the different tastes of different regions. Additionaly, Taiko’s management staff, who travel throughout the country, can keep up with the industry’s latest news. Our ability to provide the latest news keeps our customers on the cutting edge.