Your second kitchen:

We don't think of our products as "manufactured goods."

Unlike a factory that only focuses on mass proucing, at Taiko we strive to be a kitchen where each and every product is made with careful attention. It is our mission to provide safe and delicious products that can support the culinary professionals that we supply. We’re always working to improve so that our customers can depend on us for their finest dishes.

Our licenced chefs will become your right-hand

Precisely because Taiko is not an all-machine factory, human skills are crucial for maintaining and improving product quality. At Taiko we have an R&D staff well versed in the culinary arts and chefs and specialists that complete their work quickly and precisely. Additionally we’re always putting energy into HR development, nurturing young workers as well.

We keep the strictest standards for cleanliness and safety.

Sanitary and safe are natural conditions for all of our products. At Taiko we take all the necessary steps to insure safety and sanitation, not only using air showers and metal detectors, but also by recieving regular inspections from outside health facilities such as Public health centers.